Hey, as your photog friend in real estate, we have to be the one to tell you that if you have a listing at the end of November that shows green grass it’s the same as having spinach in your teeth.

Seriously, is a party and all the listings want to look super fresh. That’s because these listings want to score a buyer, and buyers know that green is old and white is the new black!

This is a HUGE opportunity to win on multiple angles.

1 – Online Search Win

White is new and Green is old from the perspective of new buyers in the market. As buyers search for homes online on the various platforms they will instantly recognize green grass exteriors as old listings.

2 – MLS Win

When agents set up saved searches on the MLS they can queue their clients to receive updates when listings are new to the market, change in price, or have photos added. Lets trigger these updates to get more eyes on your listings!

3 – Social Media Win

Sharing that you provide this service on your web page or FB could help you win your next listing since you have a keen eye for detail and an obvious competitive spirit.

4 – ClientCare Win

Call your clients to ask them to have the snow shovelled when the photographer comes by and explain how you’re helping them win in ways that other people don’t even think about.

We are Gravidia.

We’re new, we’re fresh and we get what being a Realtor is so we know how to be your best buddy with a camera.

Let’s have a great fourth quarter… Dress warm, win clients with winter photos, and let is snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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