Have you ever wished that you could…

show off why your listings location is amazing

… in a more dynamic way than just a pin on a map? 

Introducing the GRAVITY DROP

A PACKAGE ADD-ON, that takes your viewers to the moon!

A Tour that Starts on the Moon,

but you control where the tour viewer goes.

So you can show them why your listing location is great in its own way.

First Stop: Your City

Next Stop: Your Focus Location

Next Stop: Your Listing

After That: Then choose 3-5 supplementary locations.

Last Stop: Your Listing


Imagine This:

Your Next Video Tour Starts on the moon…

Instantly you drop into see Edmonton! (or the surrounding cities.)

Then we see your listing in reference to the nearest city,

with a For Sale Sign hovering over it.

Is your listing great because of the schools nearby?

Lets make a jump to a couple of those!

Are there grocery stores within walking distance?

Lets show that off!

How long does it take to get down town? Lets show it.

Even Better: How long does it take to get out of town!

Then lets circle around back to your listing to lead off your video tour!

Now that’s what I call an intro!

See one in action by hitting play.