In a crowded market it is imperative that you stand out above the competition in order to attract the attention of any potential clients.

We believe that this happens in a variety of ways– one of which is the need to maintain a high level of media quality that you produce for EVERY listing.

At Gravidia, we make this extremely easy for you by providing you with affordable pricing so that you can hire us as your professional real estate photographers and videographers whether you are listing an apartment, duplex or single family home.

Our staff are extremely friendly and re-assuring to your clients which means that your brand is represented positively at all times.

Gravidia Team leader

“By spending 5 years as the right hand man of a high producing agent, I have a unique insight on the needs of Realtors in our market. You can trust me to take your media needs off your plate and make this process seamless for you and your client.”

HDR Photo Editing Master

“You can now sleep like a baby, knowing that while you do, I will be editing your photos to be picture perfect.”

Photography technician

While completing his studies in Digital Cinema, Joel uses his keen eye to capture the best part of your listings.